IMAGE: Rachel Neville Photography

IMAGE: Rachel Neville Photography


Chelsea Bonosky is an avid activist.

Believing that the current state of politics in this nation require individuals to challenge those in authority. She believes this time in history will be marked by those who gathered, educated, and fought back. Because science does matter, every human is legal on this earth, every person had the right to love freely, and every woman has a right to choose.


Artists Striving to End Poverty

Chelsea is a teaching artist with this inspiring organization, and works with children throughout New York. Using movement as a tool to release, and a language for safe expression.

Free Body Project

Serving as an Ambassador to this non-profit, Chelsea helps coordinate the yearly conference.

The conference’s aim is to work at the intersection of dance + social justice. Bringing experts, dancers and activists together to share methods, models, and movement for impact.

Margie Gillis

Conflict Transformation Workshops

An active participant in pedagogy workshops.

Learning from Ms. Gillis on how to use movement with different people, and situations in trauma, and how it can resolve and transform.