Chelsea is an activist who uses her art in revolt.

She believes that in today’s political climate it is on us to challenge those in authority. That this time in history will be marked by those who protested, gathered, educated, and fought.

Because science does matter, every human is legal on this earth, every person has the right to love freely, and every woman has a right to choose.

Margie Gillis

Conflict Transformation Workshops

Chelsea is honored to spend time in the studio learning the methodology created by Ms. Gillis on how movement can be used in areas of trauma to resolve and transform in a safe space.


artists striving to end poverty

Chelsea is a teaching artist with this inspiring organization.

ASTEP was created to transform the lives of youth using the most powerful tool they had: their art. Today, ASTEP connects performing and visual artists with underserved youth in the U.S. and around the world to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty

Chelsea works with children all around the New York area, using dance to show freedom of choice and self.

Free Body Project


This non-profit was created by a fellow NYU alumni that Chelsea met during her freshman year.

FBP works at the intersection of dance and social justice, hosting a conference yearly, which Chelsea helps coordinate. The conference allows you to meet and move with some of the most exciting minds in the field, join a tight-knit, vibrant community of dancers, artists, healers, and activists changing the world, and leave with the inspiration and skills to do the same.